me: How often would you like to go camping, Asher?
Asher: Every six minutes.
Aaron: That may not be too far off if the Economy continues at this rate.
I briefly try to explain what the economy is to Asher.
Asher: This happened before, where there were only a few people who had houses and lots of people who didn't, but then it changed and more people had houses, but now it may go back to only some people having houses.
me: What?
Asher: Back when only a little bit of people had houses, during the Great Compression... and now there may be another Compression.

oh, my Asher.

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Aimee said...

Yiannis asked me the other day "so, what would another Depression mean, anyway?" and our conversation eventually turned to talking about all the amazing projects to come out of the depression. I think Asher might really like "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men," with all of its incredible photographs, if you guys are learning about that era... your library's got to have it. Does your new library deliver like your old one?