back to work?!

This past week has been a busy one. I was working on a pilot that Adam and his friend Ryan wrote. I shot b camera. Under most circumstances I would have been thrilled to shoot with Aaron and these guys, but when Aaron asked me when I had returned from my trip, I was somewhat reluctant because I was really excited to be back and ready to get to work with my Ethiopia footage, and some other related projects as well. We had fun all last week, but I am glad that it's over and I can turn my attention to other things.

Another wonderful thing about last week was that Aaron's sister Grace flew out and stayed with us. It was great timing because she was able to watch the kids while I worked, and horrible timing because she had to watch the kids while I worked. Good news is we were able to get her another ticket so she could extend her visit for another week and we could all spend more time together, enjoying each other and LA! We went to the La Brea Tar pits yesterday, and we may be going to Venice beach tomorrow and the Getty Villa Museum.

Tonight Grace went out with Adam and his friends and we had dinner with some of our friends that I hadn't seen in almost a month. I was able to share about my trip, and almost lost it a little when I started to talk about how much I missed the people that I met. I really do miss everyone and wish that at least the people from our CA team lived a little closer.

Must go now, as the kids are in bed and I need some much needed down time with Aaron before he goes out to Trader Joe's with Micah. (...and by down time I mean catch up on LOST. How lame and I?)

Clover for the day: "You're making me trouble!"
Asher for the day: "I don't really need sleep. This is something that I'm proud of. I'm not like an ordinary person. I'm more like a super person." I wish I could remember this verbatim because it was ten times better, I assure you.

Annee highlight for the day: Visiting three different thrift stores in search of the perfect bow tie for/with Asher. At Goodwill a 10 year old boy wearing an extremely tight t-shirt tucked into his extremely tight pants stopped us as we rummaged through a box filled with belts, shoes and ties. "Can I help you?"
"Yes, we are looking for a bow tie."
"There aren't any in there. They are back against that wall."
"Which wall exactly?"
"Over t here. Oh yes. I'm thinking of Out of The Closet (another thrift store). They have them there."
He was amazing. Out of The Closet was out of bow ties. We did find them at American Vintage, although they were all the wrong colors. The search continues.

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