I'm editing right now, and the words of Solomon play over and over in my head. He's telling me a story of a boy he knows. The boy is an orphan with 5 siblings. He showed Solomon his diary one day. In it, he wrote to God asking to die. He wrote "If you kill me, at least my brothers and sisters will have food for three days." He knew that if he died the neighbors would bring food for his siblings for three days, as it is the custom in Ethiopia. In my camera, Solomon continues, "We are not asking to die... we are not asking you to give your life just like this boy. But we are asking you, if you are professionals, to invest your time, or whatever you have... to help these poor people."

His words stay with me as I edit. I want to listen to them everyday to keep my focus on him and the kids he visits in the hospital and helps feed.Solomon serves up kids at Jaja, one of his feeding program locations. (More on this to come.)

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daniela said...

wow that picture with the line for food is great.