Our first hot day in LA...

... and I should be outside, but I’ve been shut in, behind the computer and in front of the stove. So far I have: watched Milo & Otis, my first Netflix download for the kids (they think we’re watching a movie together, while I actually get work done on the adjacent computer!), built a castle with Asher out of cardboard boxes, worked on graphics for “I Drink Because I Care”, wells in Liberia Campaign, listened to a Documentary on Ralph Nadar (my second Netflix download), invented some sort of crazy bean soup. Tomorrow will be spent enjoying the outside. Maybe we’ll go to Santa Monica and play on the beach. I am hoping for another beautiful hot LA day. I'll be posting more soon about the "I Drink Because I Care campaign, which is also apart of the I'm Thirsty Too campaign. Check back to find out more.

One cold day at the beach...

...we froze our buns off with the Nee's at New Smyrna. Amy Nee was visiting from Kentucky for Easter and longed for a day at the beach, so we loaded up the Buick and van and headed for the coast. It was extremely windy, and only Sam, Asher, and Amy actually made it into the water. With egg salad sandwiches, Sam's cool, but not fully functional, dragon kite, and a big blanket to hide under, we all enjoyed ourselves. I miss my Nee siblings, and wish we had more time together! We are off in two days for California. I don't know when we will return again.

Easter with my parents!

We flew into Florida to shoot footage for a documentary project following ex-convicts and their mentors. The one week trip snowballed into five, which was fine for us and our families and friends who I'm certain were glad to have us back!
We were up and down between Aaron's family in the middle of the state and mine in Boca. I was glad to spend Easter with my parents and hide Easter baskets for the first time for the kids. You can see, Clover is very amused in this picture with her little chicks that walk and poop out gum. What fun! I will write more about our time in Florida soon and the project we are working on, and he impact it had on me. but for now, bed!