More on That, Sorry, here it comes

OK. So I've posted (then removed) some emails. Kind of lame thing to do. They're even poorly written so it's also a bit embarrassing to say the least. I just wanted to lay it all out and now address what has got my goat.

I've been used. I've been misled. I've been scared into decisions. I've been presented only opinion and commentary on issues without hearing one real fact on the issue in question. I've accepted what others have told me without further investigation or hearing the other side out.

This has all happened to me before and it will unfortunately happen again. I am aware of it now and I try to take a proactive approach to fight off being the victim of my own ignorance.

"I think you are reading into what was being said"

My response...
"I am reading into what he is saying. That is exactly what I am asking you to do. Read into the opinions that are being presented to you. Learn more. Investigate claims. Follow arguments to their logical conclusions. Question presuppositions. Do not be passive as others present their opinions to you and their commentaries on issues, all the while not sharing with you the texts and history of the facts they are commenting on. Investigate the issues they present and are so passionate about. If they are serious issues, than we ought to take the time to investigate more to form our opinion as we strive to see the entire picture."

I have received many emails that have appalled me. Emails that leave their readers writhing with annoyance and anger against immigrants, in fear of Muslims, with utter disdain for the Left and their crazy Socialist tendencies. It disturbs me so because rather than inform they stir up. Rather than move people to action they build walls and make enemies of our neighbors. It works. We are urged to "Please Pray" because it works.

Yes, they disturb me so because I know that they work and readers are being stirred up. But what most disturbs me is when I start to question why. What are the motives of the crafters of these email forwards and article writers? When I lay it all out and look at the facts, the content of the emails, the repercussions that follow for many of the readers, the apparent motives of the authors disturb me so deeply that at times I just want to walk away and pretend I never realized the abuse in the first place.

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