Asher dressed up his bear as a ballerina the other day. He pulled out his navy tights to
dress up as well. I gave him tips on what a guy dancer might wear. He told me that he was starting to think that it would be much funnier if he dressed up like a girl and then went over and surprised Adam and Aaron who were working next store. I tried to talk him into dressing like a boy so I could send a picture to Anika. He agreed that it was a good idea.

Moments later, I was next store with the boys when in walked Asher in a pink tutu and leotard. "Changed you mind?" I asked.

His response, much to the surprise of Aaron and Adam who were unaware of our previous conversation, "I don't want to be a boy!!!!"

He later changed into what he thought made the perfect boy dancer costume and posed for pictures for Anika.


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