Aunt Katina

Aunt Katina is in town and we visited Echo Park lake with loaves of TJ DD bread to share with the birds.  Before relocating to this area seen above, we were attacked my mobs of seagulls, pigeons, geese, and ducks in a heavily bird populated area of the park.We made a trip to a local bakery for some treats to enjoy at the park. Katina later took us all out to eat at a great local restaurant, Masa, where we ate an insane amount of pizza. Insane. I think the wait staff was talking about us in the back. 

Later that night, Aaron, Aunt Katina, and I all tried to pry some answers out of Asher about the day. He wasn't very forthcoming to say the least. He didn't have a story to tell his dad about the big day at the park. 

Katina, "What was your most favorite part of the day?" 
Asher, "Cuddling in bed with my mom this morning." 

However, much to our surprise, when we returned back home that evening, Rashad, Adam's roommate was heading out, and Asher stopped him on his way to his car to give him a complete play by play of the entire day.  

"And I met a kids who was a bully to his own brother!" (Asher played on the play ground with two boys, the older one kicked the younger in the head at one point when he got in he way.) Rashad, edging down the driveway, "That's great! Wow. Ok, I gotta go."  Asher, emphatically, "I'll tell you more later!"

That kid.

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