Our New Home

We're on the left. Adam's on the right. Very cute. Great porch, driveway, and backyard. Yes, it is very small, but I actually like the size more than our last home. I had to let our cute antique twins go to make room for more practical bunkbeds for the kids. We still have so much more to get rid of to fit in here nicely.
I can run to the amazing nearby Elysian Park with its beautiful views of the city and take the kids to what appear to be endless amounts of hiking trails and playgrounds. I am pleased to say that contrary to popular east coast belief, Los Angeles seems to be an ideal place to raise a family!


Brandi said...

Your house looks ADORABLE!!! I LOVE it!!! how cute!

Now, post more pics of the inside. .

love you,

Jess said...

What a cute house I want to come and vistit!