The Kids Move In

Our 12 hour day of traveling across the country, just me and the kids, actually went quite well. I saw a few celebs on the plane out to LA. It was packed with people who did not appear pleased with the sight of little ones on board their 6 1/2 hour evening flight. Clover sang happily and loudly for the first 20 minutes straight. It was adorable, but I worked feverishly to get her to be quiet.

They were so excited in their new home. Aaron rigged a rope on the porch for Asher to swing from. The mail carrier protests when she sees him on it. Clover and Asher often rush out to greet her, although she never seems all that happy to see them. The other day, Asher went to the door to say hello. When she quickly retreated he called out to her, "You don't have to leave so fast!". He is eager to meet new neighbors, and Clover is also excited whenever she sees anyone walk by. Adam's friends are over often to play with the kids, and Asher and Clover visit Adam a few times each day.

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Brandi said...

I love it. . that's a sweet pic of Clover on the ground! Time to post more!